Web Development Project Management Tips

Web Development Project Management Tips

No matter how great your web development idea is, without a correct management system in situ , you’d likely fail.

Becoming a talented web developer lies in your ability to effectively and efficient manage small and enormous projects. In fact, the instant you up your project management skills, you’ll be way before your competition.

As you recognize , websites and mobile apps don’t just grow revenue overnight, you would like laid down plans to execute your marketing strategies.

Web development project may be a tedious task. because the project manager, you’re motivating and managing your team also as managing client’s expectations and risks. That’s not all—you’re also liable for the completion and delivery of the project within a specified deadline and budget.

1. Document every important aspect of the project

You want to write down every important thing about the project in one document and ensure all the small print with the client. Such material is usually called the, “Project Brief,” and it’ll prevent tons of trouble which will arise afterward .

At a minimum, you would like to get on an equivalent page together with your client regards the project—thus, you would like to be sure that both of you understand the many parameters of the project which may include:

a). Client Description: As a developer and project manager, it’s important that you simply know and understand your client and thus the context of the project; this may enable you to understand what he wants and therefore give him exactly that.

b). Project Objective (this is where context becomes important): What’s the underlying objective for this website design, what does the client shall achieve?

c). Team of the project: what percentage people are involved within the project? apart from the graphics designer, website developer, and copywriter, who else should the client communicate with?

d). Timing and budget: write the projects expected date of delivery (EOF), and therefore the client’s budget, also as expectations. More importantly, the success of your web development project rests on effective timing, remember that.

2. Create an in depth plan

Here, you would like to interrupt the project into smaller, measurable milestones. this is often where you ought to clearly state what the features of the project are, when each feature should be ready for delivery, which team members liable for each feature?

In a concise manner, you’re expected to define the scope of the project, define each team member’s responsibility, and set a measurable goal to work out the progress of the project.

3. Organize a well-planned kickoff meeting

This meeting is aimed to line the inspiration of the project. It’s a gathering between the project sponsor, the project manager, product owner, and members of the event team.

This is also the perfect opportunity for you to motivate and energize your team.

4. Invest in reliable project management software

To make project management tasks easier, you ought to have a centralized source of data your team can access anytime. this may also make communication between team members tons easier. After all, you don’t want developers wondering when a feature has been completed.

5. Be assertive and communicate wisely

You don’t need to be passive as a project manager. rather than sitting down and hoping problems will disappear, attempt to be assertive and diligent in solving them.

As a rule of thumb, be disciplined enough to tackle critical issues the instant they arise. Also, learn to speak wisely together with your web developers and designers. I personally use the web tool to manage the freelancer as well as for client.

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