Top 111 Item Shipping Sites List For 2020 To Score The Highest

Article Geek was officially launched in August 2005 and has since become one of the best free online submission sites, creating the best free article directory for writers, publishers, authors and readers. This site helps provide the knowledge needed to generate traffic on your website and make your content relevant in the search engine. The site is also a good content sharing article site that brings together authors, writers and publishers to work together as a team to produce the desired item required by users. When we talk about submitting SEO items outside the page, this is one of the important activities.

All you have to do is sign up for an account, register with the correct name, know the shipping guidelines, write your articles, and send them, if approved, to be published. LinkedIn is another platform where you can publish your articles and connect with other writers and editors, you will also have the way to meet readers for your professional articles. This social media platform can also act as a site for submitting articles and posting your content is very simple, this site also gives your content the attention it needs and offers a wide audience. To publish your articles, follow the instructions to post LinkedIn articles and you are ready to go. As for SEO, the length of an article can be between 400 words and 700 words and must contain good content that makes sense for users and search engines. According to the Google guidelines, an article should not be a promotion, but informative.

Medium is one of the popular article presentation sites where you can share your writings with the world, on this site you can also connect with other writers, editors and readers. This site is one of the best for writing in long formats, creating a Medium account is very easy and once you have created an account you can start writing and your article will be published. When writing in Medium, the content should be complete and the use of an original image is recommended. is another article directory that is on the list of the main mailings sites of the item directory, as it is also a great way to get backlinks on your money-generating websites. You can share your quality content with article factory and they will approve your article within 2-3 days.

Therefore, if you submit an article on third party websites and add an author’s biography with an external link to your website, it will certainly help you increase your domain authority. As mentioned above, article submission refers to the process of sending high-quality blog-related articles to high-quality and well-recognized websites or folders. The fundamental purpose of this is to improve the ranking of your blog’s search engines and increase the traffic it receives. Through this blog you will discover the other benefits of submitting articles on the list of sites for presenting high PR and high DA articles. You can choose a site from the list of free shipping sites for direct approval. The list has several major shipping sites that can be very helpful in noticing your online efforts.

Therefore, submitting your article or blog to a third-party website and adding an author’s biography with an external link to your website will help to increase the domain authority. This would benefit you because it allows people to be aware of your business.

His articles can be of all kinds, from success stories, informative publications and how to do it. If you want to explore your business or website, DA item shipping sites help you get things like that. These free shipping sites for 2021 are worth a legacy and also provide a link to your website, DoFollow / NoFollow, which is a major asset in counting kickbacks and also helps article submission sites increase the DA on your website. Submitting sites are one of the major dominant platforms for bloggers and users looking for links or sharing their content on the Internet. There are many sites for submitting DA articles on the Internet that deliver articles to the reader, but most users think the sites are not useful due to their Alexa rank and domain authority .